Do you own a local business? If you do, then you know how important safety is for your customers and employees. We often think about safety as what happens inside our offices or warehouses. But what about what happens outside? Debris on sidewalks and parking lots can actually cause a safety concern for businesses. Below, we’ll explain how regular power washing is an easy way to help with parking lot safety.

Types of Debris That Can Gather

Different things can gather on your pavement. Trash and general litter are obviously included here. While trash cans and recycling bins reduce this clutter, some garbage still always ends up on the ground. Weeds, leaves, lawn clippings, and other natural items are also common. Lastly, you should be aware of oil and also other chemicals that can spill. This type of waste is especially important to remove.

Understanding the Safety Risk

Removing debris is important for your parking lot safety. Firstly, debris can cause people to slip and fall. This is especially common if your parking lot is not well-lit. An injury like this can certainly injure a person. It might also be grounds for a potential lawsuit. Another thing to consider is chemical damage. Chemicals can cause odor, concrete damage, and (again) safety risks. Regularly cleaning your parking lots and sidewalks will reduce the risk of both issues.

Why Power Washing?

Regular power washing is a simple way to clean your pavement. Power washing uses both high-pressure tools and also professional cleaning agents. This quickly removes debris and also deep-cleans your pavement. Regular washings will take the guesswork out of your building maintenance.

Power Washing For Parking Lot Safety

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