Graffiti Removal

The Graffiti Removal Professionals

When you end up with graffiti, it can severely drive down property values and lower the areas feeling of security.

When you end up with graffiti, it can severely drive down property values and can bring a fall in security feeling of an area. It has been proven that if graffiti removal is not dealt with swiftly, it can increase crime levels. Sadly it is a widespread problem for the greater Houston area. You can see buildings, sidewalks, and channels all over the area “tagged” with graffiti. It lands on the business owner to have to pay the price. Legacy Power Washing is armed with proper chemicals and equipment to safely and efficiently remove any graffiti.

The Right Tools for Any Job

We use state of the art equipment and chemicals to make sure that the graffiti gets removed quickly and effectively without any damage to surfaces. Our team is trained to power wash any surface with the utmost efficiency. Using proper chemicals and the correct pressures and temperatures for the job, we will get the surface cleared of all unwanted marks and chemicals. Inexperienced workers or DIY power washing can result in unwanted damages to the affected surface. Our staff receives extensive training to prevent any etching from coming to the surface. Don’t take risks, let us simplify the task for you.

Graffiti Removal You Can Trust

Legacy Power Washing is bonded and insured, so you can rest easy knowing you have a professional power washing crew working for you. We are compliant with all City of Houston laws and regulations to reclaim water and have the top equipment to reclaim it correctly. We work alongside dozens of companies to provide high-quality graffiti removal at an affordable price. It can seem like preventing graffiti is an impossible task, but getting rid of it isn’t. We are your first call graffiti removal team.

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