Commercial Power Washing

The right team for Power Washing in Houston

We’d love to help keep your business clean. We have a professional crew of fully trained pressure washing experts.

We are the right team for Power Washing in Houston and would love to help keep your business spot-free. We have a professionally trained staff who excel in pressure washing. Using the correct methods and state of the art equipment, our team can bring any surface back to life.

Don’t risk a pour clean or damaged surface by hiring an untrained staff for commercial power washing. Proper chemicals, pressures and temperatures must be assured for proper cleaning. Go with the Legacy professionals and ensure quality work and fair pricing.

Our equipment and cleaning process:

We use Hot Water unit’s custom built by Ramteq, the leaders in the power washing equipment. We have chemical injectors, pressure unloaders, and boilers on every unit to tailor each chemical, pressure rate, and temperature to each job specifically.

Surface scrubbers are used to remove dirt and debris without leaving lines on concrete surfaces. Some companies try and clean large areas with wands and end up cutting lines in the concrete.

After scrubbing, we remove all gum; all that is left is a flawless surface.

Finally, all dirt and residue are directed towards our reclaim unit. The City of Houston requires the reclaim unit, and it follows Federal EPA and City guidelines under the Water Conservation Act. The water is reclaimed and filtered through 3 filters down to 5 microns. This process renders the water safe and reusable by our same units.

Why Legacy?

We provide quality service to many Houston area businesses, management companies, HOAs, MUD districts, and others. A partnership with Legacy is built to last as we have over 10 years of commercial power washing experience. The quality of our work is unparalleled, and we will offer you the best prices on all of our commercial power washing.

We can make your business look great in as little as 1 day! We are locally owned and operated right here in the great city of Houston. Estimates are always free. So why not give us a call right now? We are available by phone at 713-878-2704 or by email at Night power washing is available, specifically for places that have high traffic volume during the day. Our goal is to provide incredible professionalism and excellent customer service resulting in 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today about our commercial power washing offers.