Are you dealing with algae on a concrete patio? We understand how annoying and unsightly this can be. Some people deal with lots of algae. This can be caused by the position of their patio or the way they are caring for it. Regardless of the cause, there is an easy solution. Regular power washing can clear away algae and similar growths for a beautiful, functional patio. Below, we will explain how this process works.

What is Algae?

Algae is not a bad thing in natural ecosystems. This simple substance acts as food for some animals and can also help bring oxygen to different habitats. However, algae on your patio are not such a good thing. This green, mossy buildup can collect on your patio. It affects the look of your space and can also be a tripping hazard.

Why is Algae Growing on My Patio?

There is a reason for this algae on the concrete patio. Algae usually mean that there is too much water on your patio. Sometimes, water damage is the culprit. However, it usually just means that water touches your patio too often. Another thing to know is that concrete is porous. This means it has tiny holes in its surface that can actually collect water. Algae tend to build up because of this.

How Power Washing Can Help

Power washing removes algae in two different ways. Firstly, water and cleaning products. can remove algae buildup quickly and easily. Secondly, the high pressure of the power washing tools actually cleans the concrete down to the pores. This not only removes surface algae but also buildup beneath the surface.

Don’t Wait! Get Started Today.

Legacy Power Washing can remove algae and other pesky growths from your home or business. Our solution will clear away algae on the concrete patio for a beautiful, clean space. Enjoy your clean patio with family this summer! Call us today to schedule your power wash.