Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to take on outdoor projects. Summer is also when you might notice that your home or business exterior got dirty during the colder months. Luckily, there are easy ways to remove the dirt and grime. Below, we will share 5 pressure washing services that will get your space ready for the warm weather.

1- Deck and Patio Cleaning

These are some of the most popular summertime pressure washing services. It’s easy to see why! Decks and patios can get dirty during the colder months. They often need a good wash before they are ready to be enjoyed again. A power wash will remove dust, grime, and debris from your deck or patio, as well as other outdoor surfaces.

2- Parks and Playground Equipment

Playground equipment can also get dirty when not in use. These materials are also prone to rust and graffiti. We can clean your park or green space easily. This will get your space ready for summer and also the school year ahead!

3- Building Exteriors

Spruce up your home, garage, storage unit, or commercial property! A pressure wash is one of the easiest maintenance projects to take on this summer. Power washing your building is also a great way to compliment landscaping work.

4- Pool Maintenance

You make sure your pool is filled with clean water. So why not make sure the concrete surrounding your pool is equally clean? We can power wash the concrete areas surrounding your pool or help to clean out your empty pool.

5- Storefront Cleaning

A clean storefront will attract new business and impress existing customers. If you are reopening after COVID, then it is also a great way to get your space ready. Storefront cleaning is quick and easy, which makes it perfect for busy business owners.

Don’t Wait to Get Started!

Legacy Power Washing will help your building shine this summer. Our pressure washing services are an easy way to boost your business and maintain your space. We offer power affordable, professional power washing in Houston and the surrounding areas. Call our team today to learn more.